Industrial Relations and Human Resources

Industrial Relations Challenges

RiskNet provides a cost effective alternative to managing some of the more common industrial relations issues faced by employers.

If you fire an employee and do so in a way that causes a dispute in the Fair Work Commission (wrongful or unfair dismissal) we  can help.

Sometimes, an employer can be faced with more serious allegations such as adverse action against an employee and now, with the relatively new anti bullying provisions beginning to gain traction, enormous challenges can confront an unprepared employer.

You may need an independent investigator to to determine what went wrong or whether allegations made against you or another of your employees can be sustained and someone who can give a plan of how to resolve the problem.

Don’t worry, RiskNet can help; simply call or email us.

The Fair Work Act 

The Fair Work Australia Act came into  force on 01/01/2010 and all of the modern awards have  been decided and are reviewed/updated each year.

Employers will need to ensure that they are familiar with the conditions set out in the modern award which applies to their workplaces. To search for the modern award which affects your business click here.

From 01/01/2010 all new employees must be provided with a Fair Work Information Statement. This provision does not apply to existing employees however.

A copy of the Information Statement can be downloaded from here.

National Employment Standards (NES) in force from 01/01/2010